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HTML5 Data Adapter for SAS®

With our HTML5 Data Adapter for SAS, your Web Developers and SAS teams can collaborate to build powerful, sophisticated HTML5 Applications with unprecedented speed and agility. Easily build modern, capable Apps –  that run just as happily on your phone or tablet as they do on your desktop – using back-end data services constructed entirely by your SAS data managers and deployed to your existing, secure and approved SAS Enterprise BI Platform.
Whether you’re looking to operationalise your analytics, productionise and scale an existing spreadsheet-based solution or just give your team a better way of managing their workflow – H54S lets you not only build a tool for the job, but tailor the User Experience in a way that guarantees minimal training costs, maximum user adoption, and the greatest return on investment.

There's an App for That

Oh, there isn't? There should be.

The Data Adapter enables you to quickly and easily create and deploy operational Apps across your Enterprise. By eliminating up-front costs, ideas can be shaped into functional prototypes in days, even hours. Using your existing SAS technology stack, the same prototypes can easily be distributed to a select audience for instant feedback, allowing you to validate ideas and demonstrate value in no time at all.

Create, iterate and deliver, faster than ever before. True Agile development.

Secure as Standard

Just like the rest of your Analytics stack

Because the data powering your Apps is managed entirely by your SAS platform, it inherits the same security features as all of your reports, dashboards and existing SAS solutions. With all communication encrypted as standard, and user access controlled centrally by SAS Management Console, setting fine-grained security policies and role-based access to your Apps is simple point-and-click affair.

Relax knowing that your Apps – even your prototypes – will be safe and secure, ready to be rolled out across your organisation with a few clicks. Just as easily as any other report or dashboard.

Leave IT Alone

Where you're going, you need not bother them again

Your Business Intelligence teams are often the only part of your organisation agile enough keep up with the demands of  your stakeholders – consistently delivering the insights you need while they are immediately actionable and relevant to your business.

The Data Adapter empowers your team to roll out new Apps and business solutions faster than you ever imagined. With no configuration changes needed, no new technology stack to validate and no platform to integrate, you never have to burden your IT department again. Your existing SAS platform – the same one that IT integrated, tested and approved to operate and report on even the most sensitive data – now simply becomes your business-owned App platform as well.

Universal and Open

(and free)

H54S is designed to slot into your existing technology stack without any need to retrain your existing HTML5 developers or reconfigure any part of your architecture. It doesn’t depend on third party components or JavaScript libraries, and doesn’t try to dictate which HTML5 UI framework to use. You are free to choose whatever you are familiar with, or have already adopted as a standard elsewhere within your organisation.

So, say you were looking to build a new App, wanted to give your users a familiar User Experience and go for a widely adopted and easily supported framework, you could choose something like Google’s AngularJS. Or, if you already use UI5 for your HR system, have developers skilled in maintaining it, and want a consistent look and feel across all of your enterprise solutions, then you could use UI5 here too. It doesn’t matter. With H54S, any Apps you build are as extensible, maintainable and supportable as possible.


So go ahead. Operationalise your Analytics. Use your Imagination. Create Experiences. Build anything.


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