Enabling Fast and Stable SAS Platforms

Poorly performing SAS systems can have a substantial business impact, with highly skilled Data Scientists not being fully utilised and unable to deliver their full value. Our SAS Platform Diagnostics service results in a lower Total Cost of Ownership, a decreased risk of lost opportunity, and increased business confidence in the platform itself.

Core service

Transparency at a user, process, and system level

Using the detailed insights gained from ESM, we provide a comprehensive, relevant view of what is going on across the entire platform.

Identify system bottlenecks

We quickly hone in on periods of high system resource utilisation and offer targeted guidance on where IT and SAS Admin teams should focus investigations.

Make configuration changes that count

SAS configuration changes can be made at multiple levels. We recommend changes that are informed by data collected from the platform itself, not only those based on best practices.

Optimise batch jobs and flows

By overlaying consumption metrics onto batch jobs, we identify jobs on the critical path where any efficiency improvements will impact the overall runtime of the entire flow.