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What we offer

Enterprise Session Monitor for SAS® eases the management of larger multi-user SAS environments. It highlights potential causes of system instability, allows advanced analysis of batch window performance and enables accurate reallocation of system costs based on measured usage.

Our HTML5 Data Adapter for SAS® provides seamless integration between HTML5 driven front-end applications and the SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence platform. It lets businesses develop modern cross-platform applications that leverage all of the enterprise integration features of their existing SAS technology stack with zero investment in new infrastructure or IT.


What we do

We have a proven track record in delivering value through the design and implementation of business information systems and analytical solutions. Because our products leverage existing SAS® infrastructure, our projects generally require little to no involvement from IT departments and incur no additional hardware or platform integration costs.

As a result, set-up lead times are minimal and we are able to deliver functional prototypes in a matter of days rather than months. If your business has recently shelved a proposed project because of high cost or unachievable time constraints, get in touch and see what we can do for you.

Boemska is a SAS Silver Alliance Consulting Partner developing and implementing innovative solutions for the SAS Business Intelligence platform. Our clients span banking, insurance, energy, distribution and healthcare sectors and include a number of FTSE100 organisations.

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