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About Us

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We are a technology company specialising in the development and implementation of software products designed to enhance and extend the SAS Business Intelligence platform. We provide consultancy services to complement our product offering, and are proud to be part of the SAS Alliance Consulting Program as a Silver Partner. Our head office is located in Guildford (UK), with a development centre in Niš (Serbia).

Our company was founded in 2011 on a few ambitious ideas and a strong desire to see them realised. Amongst those was the belief that, by making the users of a shared analytics environment more aware of how the workload they generate interacts with that of their colleagues, a collective intelligence would emerge and substantially improve the efficiency and functional capacity of that environment. Early trials were positive, and 2014 saw us roll out Release Candidate versions of Enterprise Session Monitor for SAS to selected clients, leading to the September 2015 release of ESM 1.0.

While working on ESM we were overwhelmed by how easy it had become to develop fully fledged business applications using modern HTML5 frameworks. The front-end technology was mature and stable, developing with it delivered rapid results, and rolling out production releases to end users was effortless. Organisations slow to adopt HTML5 blamed their reluctance on a lack of a proven, secure, universally compatible back-end technology stack; however, as consultants accustomed to working with SAS systems, we were used to taking these enterprise integration features for granted. Being the leading platform in analytics and data management also made SAS ubiquitous among enterprise organisations, where features like integrated authentication and transport level security were almost always configured as standard. Bridging the two technologies had the potential to solve a lot of problems. Early trials, once again, proved the investment to be very worthwhile, and soon the HTML5 Data Adapter for SAS was born. By late 2013 the bulk of our consulting revenue was coming from enterprise application development.

Four years on, we run a team dedicated to building HTML5-based apps using our architecture. We have used our technology to deliver a string of successful projects, ranging from simple data interfaces and dashboards to information systems supporting over 1500 concurrent users and delivering tens of millions of pounds in benefit each year. Our experience both developing ESM and using it to support our implementations has made us very good at architecting SAS environments and optimising them for maximum performance.

Our journey so far has led us to conclude the following:

  • working with technology your clients are familiar with can substantially increase the project’s chance of success
  • deploying to an already integrated enterprise architecture saves a lot of time and money
  • user experience is paramount to system adoption, and therefore key to the success of a project
  • the SAS platform is quite possibly the most valuable software investment an organisation can make

We love what we do, and do it with passion and genuine enthusiasm. If you liked our story and would like to hear more, get in touch.

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