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Introducing SASHOT

Today we’re proud to be releasing SASHOT, our Data Editor App for SAS. SASHOT is the first of a number of simple-yet-powerful Apps we’ve been working on that target the SAS platform. Here’s what it looks like: We call it the SAS HOT Editor because it: runs entirely on SAS; and uses the excellent …

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Sep 8,2016
Putting a Price on Operational Efficiency

  Having a smooth running, efficiently managed SAS environment… what’s that worth to your organisation?   More than likely SAS is at the epicentre of your business, from running mission critical data integration to providing the latest on demand analytical insights to the board. If something goes wrong it’s highly …

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Mar 22,2016
Installing ESM is Very Easy (part I)

When we talk to customers about our Enterprise Session Monitor for SAS, often one of the first questions we’re asked is ‘How easy is this to install’? The answer to this question is, it’s very easy. We’re particular about User Experience here at Boemska, so we’ve put a lot of effort into ensuring that the …

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Feb 22,2016
Build Apps for your Enterprise with SAS and HTML5

We’ve been doing it for a while. You should too.   Whenever I’m away from home and want to get some dinner, I almost always rely on an app to tell me which nearby restaurants are worth a visit. Another app gets me a ride there, giving the driver my …

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May 5,2015
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