My favourite Administration papers from SAS Global Forum 2020

Chris shares his favourite Administration papers from SAS Global Forum 2020!

Chris Blake

4 May 2020 · 5 mins

While my job title may not show it any more, at heart I am still a SAS Administrator. I installed, configured, upgraded, and maintained SAS environments for years and loved (nearly) every minute of it1.

I have been involved with SAS Global Forum for a number of years now and recently we’ve created a set of sample agendas for the different streams. We’ve had lots of great feedback about how they help attendees to navigate the incredible amount of content that is available at the conference.

While I absolutely love attending sessions at SAS Global Forum, one of the most amazing things about the conference (whether you attended or not) is the conference proceedings. Each session that you may have caught has a proceedings paper containing even more content than could have been shared in the presentation.

The on-going situation with COVID-19 means that SAS Global Forum 2020 became a virtual event this year and conference attendees didn’t get to see our curated list of sessions. However, the conference proceedings are still available! So, without further ado, below is the list of sessions that I loved the look of and was excited to share as the “picks” for the Administration stream at SAS Global Forum 2020:

And that’s just a sample of the Administration stream from SAS Global Forum 2020! There are so many great sessions across all the different streams that you absolutely must checkout. Grab yourself your favourite hot drink and read a paper from the conference proceedings or watch a presentation on the SAS Users YouTube channel. Let me know what your favourite papers and sessions are in the comments below!

  1. If anyone has a positive SAS9.x to SAS9.x story using the SAS Migration Utility I’m interested to hear your stories! 

  2. There’s a lovely reference in this paper to Boemska’s ESM. We’re delighted that Meera thinks so highly of our product and we’ve loved working with her and the team. 

  3. Speaking of Azure; if you are an Azure customer and you’re running analytic workload in the cloud you probably want to check out Boemska’s ESM which is available directly from the Azure Marketplace