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Introducing SASHOT

Sep 8, 2016

Today we’re proud to be releasing SASHOT, our Data Editor App for SAS.

SASHOT is the first of a number of simple-yet-powerful Apps we’ve been working on that target the SAS platform. Here’s what it looks like:


We call it the SAS HOT Editor because it:

  • runs entirely on SAS; and
  • uses the excellent HandsOnTable (HOT) JS library to provide rich Excel-like data editing functionality and front-end data validation.

It’s both highly customisable and incredibly easy to deploy, and will give your users a simple and familiar way of updating server-side in a secure and controlled manner – for whatever purpose. Like our HTML5 Data Adapter for SAS, it’s an Open Source project and free for anyone to use. We hope you find it useful, and also hope that it demonstrates the value of SAS as an Enterprise-class HTML5 Application Development Platform (something I’ve been passionate about for a while).


free you say

Yes Kathy. Fantastic. Check out github.com/Boemska/sas-hot-editor for more.

Happy editing!

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