Observability for Analytics

Boemska ESM brings unparalleled visibility to complex analytic workloads running on shared multi-user environments.

Whether you depend on your platform to deliver business-critical regulatory reporting, or to support the self-service analytics demands of your interactive users, ESM will keep your platform performance stable and predictable, controlling cost and enabling optimal efficiency at scale.

Lower the Total Cost of Ownership

Right-size your cloud infrastructure. Reduce the number of incidents, accelerate time-to-resolution, and eliminate missed SLAs on your business-critical data platforms.

Maximise Resource Utilisation

Substantially increase your effective operating capacity through advanced batch schedule optimisation, performance tuning and by enabling cooperative resource sharing.

Accurately Allocate Operating Costs

Easily create accurate chargeback reports that show the departmental breakdown of platform resource use for cost re-allocation in multi-tenant environments.

Improve the Developer Experience

Enable self-service root cause analysis and workload management. Empower users and inspire confidence in quality of development before it is promoted to production.

Product Features

ESM was built from the ground-up with one primary purpose: to solve the challenge of understanding and managing mixed analytic workloads on enterprise-scale data platforms.

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ESM supports all current versions of SAS® including advanced integration and support for SAS® Viya®.

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ESM monitors both batch R sessions and interactive sessions such as those started by RStudio®.

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ESM supports resource tracking of Python workloads. Support is growing rapidly.

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