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Putting a Price on Operational Efficiency

Mar 22, 2016



Having a smooth running, efficiently managed SAS environment… what’s that worth to your organisation?


More than likely SAS is at the epicentre of your business, from running mission critical data integration to providing the latest on demand analytical insights to the board. If something goes wrong it’s highly visible. What about when the times are good? Are your highly skilled team operating in the most efficient manner? Do they spend hours trawling logs, tweaking parameters and chasing down intermittent performance issues with little to show at the end? Do your developers wish they could visualise job performance, quickly identify performance issues, collaborate more readily as a team and stop pestering your busy administrators?

Giving your team the best tools for the job can reap massive rewards. Not just financially through operational efficiencies, but through improvements in team morale, stakeholder confidence in system stability and allowing your highly skilled SAS team to really shine. No longer required to carry out mundane repetitive tasks, your SAS administrators and developers can focus on what really matters: delivering value.

Using ESM, SAS administrators and developers can save up to 2 hours and up to 1 hour per day respectively. Your team can save time and effort in diagnosing and solving common problems otherwise difficult to pinpoint, regarding both the performance of individual jobs and the stability of an environment as a whole.


Let’s demonstrate the potential operational efficiencies for our our imaginary conglomerate MegaCorp:


MegaCorp has a well established SAS environment; using SAS to populate an Enterprise Data Warehouse, publishing daily operational reports and delivering high performance analytics to the board. Powered by a 128 core grid, 4 SAS administrators and a team of 10 SAS developers keep all of this running (mostly) smoothly. Despite close system monitoring and tight governance on code quality, there are intermittent batch performance issues causing late data arrival and approximately 1 major outage per month, requiring unscheduled server restarts. Unsurprisingly this doesn’t go down too well if it happens to coincide with a board meeting.

Report development and analytical modelling activity is hampered by limited visibility of code performance and it’s impact on the wider system. Ad-hoc business users are often suspected of submitting poorly performing code which affects platform stability and may be the cause of the regular batch overruns. Despite the presence of several mash-up monitoring solutions and log parsing tools, administrators spend several hours chasing down performance issues without ever really getting to the root cause.

Assuming MegaCorp pays market rates for it’s staff and kindly allows them 28 days holiday a year, let’s assess how much they could save using the Boemska ESM Cost Savings Calculator:


MegaCorp’s ESM Cost Savings

ESM Cost Savings Calculator


Calculated Savings:

ESM Cost Savings Calculator result



Like all good students, let’s show our workings


We estimate ESM saves:

  • Administrators 2 hours per day
  • Developers 1 hour per day


Hourly Rate

Helpfully both Admins and Developers (no arguments!) are paid the same so only one calculation to make:


£400/8 = £50 per hour


Multiplying it all out


Headcount x hours saved x hourly rate x working days per year


Administrators: 4 x 2 x 50 x 225  = £90,000

Developers: 10 x 1 x 50 x 225  = £112,500


Total Annual Savings = £202,500


We appreciate everyone works differently, and division of duties may be different so these figures are just an approximation. Your mileage may vary, but we believe ESM can introduce significant savings to your organisation and change the way your SAS team operates.

Beyond the financial benefits of operational efficiency, ESM can help your organisation:

  • Improve platform stability
  • Reduce administrative overhead
  • Increase developer productivity
  • Implement a shared resource chargeback model

Find out more about ESM

Try our savings calculator to see how much your organisation could save. To arrange a demo of ESM or to talk to us, email us or call us on +44 (0) 20 3642 4643

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