Conquering the Last Mile of Analytics

Realising wide-scale adoption of analytics is a key driver for digital transformation initiatives. However, it is often curtailed by the lack of effective user access to data.

Our Data Scientist led App Development on SAS service embeds the value of analytics within business teams at the heart of your organisation.

Building apps with our Open Source technology is easy. Let us show you.

Enterprise innovation at scale

We unlock significant value by easily and quickly deploying targeted applications built on SAS, the secure and proven enterprise analytics platform, with the creativity made possible by the power of modern web front-end technologies.

Supervised Machine Learning with a ‘Human in the Loop’

One of the biggest advantages of machine learning algorithms is their ability to improve over time. Their effectiveness is dependent on accurate data, and we create interactive experiences that make it easier for experts to feed into that process.

Digital transformation, one app at a time

While organisations won’t survive without doing so, overly committing to digital transformation initiatives has been the death of many businesses. We rapidly develop tailored productivity apps with integrated enterprise security, a comparably low-cost way to quickly prove out business benefit.

Begin with the end in mind

Adoption of data initiatives is a major challenge, as the last mile is where the emphasis pivots from technology to people. We significantly increase the chances of success through productivity apps designed with the end users in mind and embed analytics into everyday processes that help improve decisioning.