Enabling Cloud migration success

The Boemska Cloud Migration Intelligence service removes risk and uncertainty when planning your move to the Cloud.

Core service

In-depth discovery of your existing SAS workloads

Gain a detailed understanding of how your existing SAS platform is being used. Delivered via a set of comprehensive reports, the insights gained will allow for transparency around the consumption, concurrency and trends of your SAS users and workload types in a time-series fashion.

Accurate resource predictions for your target cloud instance

Determine accurate sizing and scaling requirements and eliminate the risk of wastage or under-performance. By measuring workloads on your existing platform, we enable informed sizing and scaling strategies that can be mapped to any cloud vendor instances.

Preserve team productivity with data-driven migration planning

Cloud migrations can be a significant drain on people’s time and are often assumption based. We empower you to make data-driven decisions to organize and prioritise your migration.

Informed cloud architecture design

A solid understanding of SAS workload requirements is imperative to any migration. Powered by Boemska ESM, we enable you to make informed decisions on your cloud architecture design.

Enhanced insights

Reduce target cloud infrastructure costs through targeted optimisations

Identify inefficiencies before migration. By analysing periods of high resource utilization, we recommend changes that are likely to have a direct impact on reducing the size of a cloud environment.

Gain confidence from comparative performance benchmarking

It is difficult to gauge the impact an entirely different ecosystem will have on performance. We provide detailed insights into one or more target configurations to give you an accurate view of what to expect from different cloud instances.